Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Powerful messages from promotional leaders this morning.  Thanks guys..  you sure are wonderful role models for us all.

Monday, 16 November 2015


Totara and Manuka hubs had a day of Diwali workshops and fun! Some students learnt to make Indian lanterns, others learnt to cook onion bhaje some even learnt a cool bhangra dance! Totara then had another day of workshops and at lunch we shared Indian cuisine with others. Students in totara learnt/ made a slide about what they learnt and we shared the Diwali story over brainfood. What a week! Decorations were hung up, Henna was applied on girls hand, Totara and Manuka student had a blast! File_002.jpegOriginal (2170 × 1389)

Here are some comments from some students:           

Jaz- Rm 19: Sasha was very stressed and excited at the same time
She worked very hard and should be very proud of herself. well done.
As I got henna on my hand by Mrs Milne I wriggled around while it tickled I watched the amazing art being put on my hands thanks Mrs Milne, Rita and Sasha.

Pippa- Rm 19: It was my first time celebrating Diwali, I was really excited for it to come. I learnt how to apply henna and it was very cool doing it.File_000.jpeg

Caleb- Rm 19:
I likes learning new things about India and reenacting some of the stories , I also liked trying the Indian food especially the spicy stuff.

Lealou- Rm 18
As I entered the room the beautiful smell of food wafted through the air. I soon realized it was Indian cuisine, I liked trying the sweets and savouries. I learnt quite a lot about the culture and I enjoyed the day.File_002.jpeg

Pipa R- Rm 20
I liked how Sasha planned this cultural experience for people who don't know a lot about Diwali and India. I liked getting the Henna applied on my hand. It was a cool experience.

Grandparent/Koroua/Kuia Reading Week and Taste of Hangi

Grandparent/Koroua/Kuia Reading Week and Taste of Hangi

Kia ora ki nga koroua me nga kuia

Thank you to Mali Lowe, Derek Lowe, Kelly Frewin, all the staff at Parkvale, Mr Blake, Marlene Greaves, Alma Bainbridge, Bonnie Amner, Tom and Doreen Condon, Karen Spargo, Les Byford, Russell Kupa and Linda Maggin our Room 18, 19 and 20 grandfathers and grandmothers who came in to read to their grandchildren and experience eating a hangi with us all. It was a huge success. Sorry we weren't able to take photos of you all with your grandchildren to post to the blog.
In partnership with the Whanau Roopu, our  vision is:
 “Kia tuhono, kia mahitahi ki te whanau, kia whanake i a tātau tamariki”
“Connecting and working with whanau to grow our children"

It was lovely to have Paige's grandmother come in and read to the girls.

Safe cycling

Mr Ford, with all his knowledge about cycling, taught us this morning how we can check our bikes so we're safe for cycling on the road.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Friday, 25 September 2015


I love this time of term where I can enjoy my class and share in all of their wonderful hard work. I've got such a neat bunch of kids.  Have a great holiday guys, you deserve it,  I work you hard!!